How to Make TEMARI

Step by step illustrated explanation.

Put rice husks in a thin plastic bag. Be sure to punch several pinholes so that air inside can escape. Then, make it round shape while rolling extrafine woolen around the ball.
Keep rolling the woolen until rice husks inside are completely hidden while adjusting the shape by hands several times to make the ball round.
Carefully roll the ball using thread in base color (white basting thread in the picture) and make it more round. It is important to roll evenly. Do not roll parallel to other thread. After rolling is finished, make the end of the thread pass under other thread several times.
Make a piece of paper tape by fixing one end of paper tape on the ball by a needle and make it around the ball. Make two more cuts of tape of exact length. Fold two of them into four equal length, and, make a small cut (notch) to each fold. Fold remaining piece into eight equal length and make small cuts. Roll four-folded tapes vertically around the ball and make two tapes cross at right angle at the top (the North Pole) and the bottom (the South Pole) of the ball. Then, roll the eight-folded tape around the center of the ball (the Equator).
Place marking pin to each small cut (notch) of the tapes. Thread a needle for separation of the ball and start from the North Pole, going to the South Pole through the marking pin at the Equator, and come back again to the North Pole. Repeat the same process several times. Be sure to make the thread firmly rolled around the ball, and, gather all thread at the South Pole before their last return to the North Pole. Carefully fix the thread at the North Pole so that thread does not become loose.
Divide the ball into eight equal parts (sections) by marking the Equator and then, stitch along the lines of separation. Stab a needle at the bottom of marking pin and fix it to the ball each time when the thread crosses the line of separation.
Place marking pins in the middle of each separation line.
Pierce at the bottom of a marking pin and stitch from the right to the left at slightly beneath the North Pole of right-side part. Then stitch from the right to the left at beneath the next marking pin. Pull out the marking pin after stitching.
Move to the left marking pin to the starting point when one round is completed, and, repeat the same process.
Change the color of thread and repeat the same process at slightly lower place than the starting point. Repeat this to the point slightly above Equator.
After repeated stitching, ball becomes like shown in the picture.
Roll an obi belt around the ball after stitching both sides of the Equator. Roll eight time each of the Equator using the color of your choice.
Completion of the belt around the temari.
Cross-stitch golden color thread over the belt.
Completion of Multilayered Chrysanthemum.